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Licensed & Certified Staff

Licensed & Certified Staff

LuMa Construction staffs licensed and certified professional’s per the New York City Department of Buildings requirement’s. All staff conducts annual OSHA training to keep current with the constant industry changing safety requirements. Our services can provide our clients with the best in class experience they need to manage their projects to success, avoiding unwarranted delays, violations and or stop work orders. We an also assist our clients with generating safety plans, implementing rules and regulations amongst your staff as well as sub contractors to help manage injury claims while helping drive down insurance costs.

Licensed DOB Superintendent

(Required for all PW2 filings)

Site Safety Coordinator

(Required when building 10 or more stories, 125 feet in height and or 100,000 square feet of lot coverage)

Site Safety Manager

(Required when building 15 stories or higher in New York City)

S-93 Certificate of Fitness

(Required for FDNY fuel storage permits)

SST-62 Hour Competent Person

(Required for every construction site in New York City)

Certified Flagger

(Required for all New York City sites that occupy pedestrian walkways and or roadway)

Our Team Members

Bryan C. Antoncic


Jose L. Cruz

Managing Partner of subsidiary company Integrated Projects

Mark A. Antoncic

Managing Partner & Head of Real Estate Advisory subsidiary company TriLyn

Gianfranco Santillán

Project Manager​

Meet Patel​

Estimator & Procurement Specialist​

Bleron Aliu

Violations Admin